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Overtime — Considerations of Time and Naturally Dyed Textiles

Megan Samms


Megan Samms is l’nu and among other things, a natural dyer, weaver, micro farmer and volunteer. Megan co-owns and operates two small businesses, is a Vice President of the Guild of Canadian Weavers and crafter of all sorts. Megan works to integrate usefulness, beauty, tradition and a sense of shelter in living cloth, holistic health and well being in food, medicine and body care and a sense of generosity and knowledge sharing while considering what is, in all ways, sustainable. Megan comes from and lives still, in Ktaqmkuk.


In this talk, I explore how Past and Future affect and mingle with the work I do in my home territory in Ktaqmkuk/Newfoundland. In turn, I also explore how my work affects both the Past and the Future and make a gentle call for others to consider this effect. I relate how land-based work and identity affect craft, dye-work, community work and creation.

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