Land & People | Exhibition


Dylan Dakota Batch


The title of the piece is Stained. Food waste is typically viewed as having no worth, and is discarded without second thought. This work seeks to elevate that idea by utilizing pre-consumer food waste as a form of natural dye and unique hand dye techniques on a knee length overcoat made of 100% cotton duck canvas. The garment is made possible due to a collaboration with local restaurants and cafes.

Natural dye production is viewed as an alternative to the more toxic synthetic dyes, and is a growing industry that has the potential to utilize waste from other industries such as forestry and restaurants. Research in developing pre-consumer food waste as a form of alternative dye exists. The food industry is a heavy contributor to pollution, contributing to excess methane, CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing food which impact global climate change. By combining the waste of one industry with the productivity of another, this garment explores a method of dyeing with food waste as an alternative use for pre-consumer food waste. This project intertwines two industries known for waste and aims to begin a conversation of how wasteful practices can be converted to art, beauty and a solution.