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Tapestries and fibre art pieces

Ixchel Suarez


Ixchel Suarez has been a textile and fibre artist for over 37 years. Dedicated weaver and dyer who explores different materials, and transforms them into tapestry and other fibre art proposals in non-conventional ways. Throughout her career, she has been recognized as

Award winner in Visual Arts, “Best in Show”, recognized as an outstanding University Professor, Lecturer, and workshop Leader. Docent at the Textile Museum of Canada (2007-17). She holds a MBA in Museum Studies, BA in Graphic Design, History of Art Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Textiles in Lodz, Poland; has offered extensive courses in Natural Dyes, Fashion Design and Pattern transformations, Batik, and diverse reserve techniques as well as many other fibre and textile related courses. Founder of the Textile School Textile Creativo in 1989 in Mexico City, founder and Director of the Oakville Arts Studio Inc since 2007 and today, Founder and Director of the not-for-profit Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre.

She has collaborated and written in specialized publications for major textile and design magazines as well as online resources, and has been featured in Art related publications. Member of the Canadian Tapestry Network, The British Tapestry group and the American Tapestry Alliance; She was the President of the Oakville Handweavers and Spinners Guild 2011-2019. Ixchel has been recipient of Visual Arts Grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council in several occasions. She has presented innumerable solo and group shows and her work is shown in private and public collections in Europe, Central and North America.

Nominated for: 100 Mexicans Abroad on Visual Arts 2015; 2016 and 2017 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards and recipient of the Halton Newcomer Recognition Awards 2016.2017 recipient of the Weaving the Future Grant from the American Tapestry Alliance.

All of these tapestries and fibre art pieces came from my latest research in reference to climate change, photography tapestry. The juxtaposition of a fast medium (1 second in the camera/months in the loom) and the process itself of preparing the fibres to be woven. We live in a fast, ever changing world. We don't have time to stop, observe, digest,...everything goes with the "swish" of a finger on a small screen, and yet, textile, tapestry processes are slow, meditative, pace-made, like breathing....I like to observe, especially details, close-ups of fragments of trees, minerals, textures. Then interpret them through the lens of the loom.

"Blue: ever changing waters"

Tapestry Haute Lise

cotton, wool, silk, linen, metallic thread, indigo dye

"Memories of a Birch Tree"

Tapestry Haute Lise

cotton, wool, silk, linen, metallic thread, indigo dye

bamboo fibre, marigold dye, indigo dye, brazilian wood dye

"Blue Fungus"

Tapestry Haute Lise, embroidery,

cotton, wool, silk, linen, metallic thread, indigo dye, cochineal dye.

"Inner Bark"

Tapestry Haute Lise

cotton, wool, silk, linen, metallic thread, cochineal, marygold, onion skin, brazilian wood, campeche wood, avocado pit dyes.