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A Forager's Diary

Sandra Dammizio


The research and prints included in this submission are part of a locally-focused natural dye project that I have been working on for the past six months. Herbaria Textiles is a micro textile studio based in Toronto that is focused on creating printed textiles using natural dyes from local, predominantly city-foraged plants, nuts and fungi. With Herbaria, I hope to promote the abundance of the urban natural environment and the adventure of foraging in the “urban wilderness”. So many of the plants that grow in our urban environments are overlooked or are dismissed as simply “weeds” growing on the side of the road or in our front lawns. Yet they are in fact amazing sources of food, texture, variety, and in the case of textiles- colour! I hope Herbaria can contribute in some small way to fostering a renewed appreciation for our urban natural environments. Please join me on this journey and share your thoughts! For more information about Herbaria Textiles, please visit herbariatextiles.ca