Land & People | Exhibition


Megan Samms


These images represent some of my process, from sampling, production dye work to finished woven work. Every year, a different study in colour and place and season.

A full dye process begins in the field —dye plants in the form of seed or rhizome, fibre in the form of animal coat, bole or bast, a fullness that cannot quite be captured outside of the doing. In all of these textile images exhibited, dye plants were either grown, foraged, salvaged or caught from neighbouring craftspeople. Long time collaborations, conversations and connections were made with the land, people, medium and substrate.

I am a cloth maker, a contemporary hand weaver and dyer utilizing organic and natural fibres, plant dyes, looms and other tools of the textiles trade. I work to bridge the gap between fine and functional craft creating heirloom quality, deeply personal and detailed textiles for practical use at home, to wrap yourself and loved ones in, as well as to adorn your space.

I grow and forage plant dyes from the land —from our garden and the bush. My mum, Renée Samms, works along my side expertly sewing and tenderly finishing many pieces before they make their way out into the world with the same care she has shown me for my whole life.

My intent is to integrate usefulness, beauty, tradition and a sense of shelter in a living cloth; craft that is meant to bring comfort and joy through the generations of the families they belong with, changing along the way, maturing and developing a life of their own.