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Caroline Forde


As a multidisciplinary artist I explore inherent qualities of different textile materials, sometimes in combination with other materials and objects. In my work, I purposefully reference Canadian climate, topography, local flora, fauna and the idea of the ‘mystic north.’ My work is influenced by traditional textile processes involving dying, printmaking and weaving. Choosing to work with natural dyes stems from a fixation towards complex colour pallets and traditional dyeing techniques. As humans we continue to seek direct experiences with nature and hands-on connections with objects. This is evident in the rise of ‘green’ and ‘local’ movements such as DIY and slow fashion. These movements promote a more symbiotic relationship with the creation of textiles from soil to sewing machine. Through research and material exploration, I aim to incorporate sustainability and craftsmanship into sensible, sought-after objects.

The series “Seed” was influenced by her research in the Yukon and the natural landscapes the Territory presented. Using collected and sourced dyes, Forde has created colourways that reflect a blend of tones from the landscape of the arctic tundra. The scarves depict a combination of screen printing and stenciling techniques. Working with natural dyes allows the colours to combine smoothly and create unplanned secondary colours. This combination of structure and pattern in the work cannot be easily replicated resulting in a mono-print. Forde believes working this way is essential in maintaining the characteristics of hand printed textiles.