Land & People | Exhibition

Out My Back Gate Revisited

Jaclyn Paltanen


In the form of hand dyed and hand woven tree inspired cloth panels, Out My Back Gate, Revisited embodies local, natural dyes, by directly sourcing through responsible foraging, and growing dye plants in my garden. With the exception of Madder, and Woad, all the dyes used in the trees came from either Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham, or my garden, which edges directly on the park. The plants used include Weld, Oak leaves, Birch leaves & bark, Black Walnut leaves & nut husks, and Sumac, among others. I included Madder, and Woad as I am currently growing them, and provide a connection to my family roots in Europe. Each tree species represented also contributed plant material to the individual dye palette I developed for each tree, strengthening the connection to the living trees.

Materials: Natural Dyes: Black Eyed Susan, Birch (leaves & bark), Cochineal, Goldenrod, Madder, Oak Leaves, Sumac (leaves & twigs), Black Walnut (leaves & nut husks), Weld, Woad.

Fibres: cotton, linen/wool, alpaca, wool/alpaca, wool, linen, silk. 2018-2020.